Ted Cruz Said that Mexico city Cancun, trip ‘a mistake’ as Texans remain without power amid historic winter storm

United States Senator. Ted Cruz said that flying to Mexico city Cancun, as a winter disaster in his home state left millions while not power or water “was clearly a mistake” which “in apprehension, I would not have done it.

Ted Cruz calls Mexican city Cancun, trip 'a mistake'
United States Senator. Ted Cruz

The United States Senator Ted Cruz said that Mexico city Cancun, trip ‘a mistake’

Cruz, a TX Republican, spoke to reporters once returning to his Houston home Thursday evening from a visit that has earned fierce criticism on social media and his own grounds.
“I started having second thoughts virtually the instant I weekday down on the plane, as a result of, on the one hand, all people United Nations agency square measure oldsters have a responsibility to require care of our children, the lookout of our family. that is one thing Texans are doing across the state,” aforesaid Cruz, United Nations agency had aforesaid in AN earlier statement that he flew to Mexico as a result of his daughters had asked to require a visit and he was attempting to be a “good begetter.”
“But I even have a responsibility that I take terribly seriously for the state of TX and admittedly, going once such a lot of Texans were pain did not feel right and then I modified my come back flight and flew back on the primary on the market flight I might take,” Cruz continued.
With protesters sounding outside his home, Cruz aforesaid he understands the anger several Texans feel toward his call.
“Of course, I perceive why individuals square measure upset. Listen, we’re in an exceedingly strange time wherever Twitter’s been going crazy and therefore the media goes crazy and there is a great deal of venom and vitriol that I feel is unfortunate candidly on either side,” Cruz aforesaid. “I assume everybody got to treat one another with respect and decency and check out to know one another additional significantly at a time of crisis.”

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Cruz’s Cancun trip violates AN unwritten rule of politics. Cruz had confirmed the trip in an exceedingly statement to CNN earlier within the day, locution he flew down for an evening as a result of his daughters “asked to require a visit with friends.”
“With college off for the week, our women asked to require a visit with friends. eager to be a decent begetter, I flew down with them last night and am flying back this afternoon,” he aforesaid within the statement. “My employees and that I square measure in constant communication with state and native leaders to urge to an all-time low of what happened in TX. we would like our power back, our water on, and our homes heat. My team and that I can continue mistreatment all our resources to stay Texans au courant and safe.”
But texts sent by his spouse, Heidi, on Wednesday gave the impression to paint a unique image, The big apple Times reportable. She asked friends in an exceeding cluster chat, “Anyone will or need to depart for the week?” the days reportable Thursday.
“We might move to Cancun,” she said, in keeping with the media organization, referencing a “direct flight” and “hotels w capability. Seriously.”
Their house was “FREEZING,” she said, per the days, and steered a visit lasting till Sunday. that they had stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun “many times,” she said, highlight the hotel’s sturdy security and rate that week, the days reportable.
Cruz fell upon the George Bush worldwide airfield later Thursday, in keeping with a supply United Nations agency was on the flight with him.
“I could not take a morning flight as a result of the present restrictions need a Covid to take a look at, therefore I had to urge a Covid take a look at this morning, before I might get on a flight back, therefore I took the primary flight I might get once obtaining the Covid take a look at and testing negative,” Cruz told reporters Thursday evening.
Cruz’s initial statement came hours once multiple Twitter users denote photos showing Cruz and his family at Houston’s airfield and aboard a flight certain for Cancun, Mexico.
A supply aware of true told CNN that a number of the senator’s senior aides didn’t recognize he flew right down to Mexico till the photographs appeared on social media and inquiries began to acquire the workplace.
It is one in all the explanations they weren’t prepared with evidence for several hours.
The trip was straight off criticized, as well as by TX state Rep. Gene Wu, a Democrat representing southwest Houston, United Nations agency tweeted a photograph of Cruz aboard a flight, locution Cruz was flying south “while the state was phase transition to death and having to boil water.”
Cruz’s workplace additionally requested that the Houston department of local government assist the legislator throughout his departure from Bush worldwide airfield on Wednesday, Houston policeman Art Acevedo told CNN Thursday.
The police request from Cruz’s workplace isn’t uncommon as members of Congress are suggested by enforcement to hunt police help as they go past air.
Congress isn’t in session in the week following the President’s Day vacation.
Cruz, United Nations agency was retweeting notices regarding electricity and TX Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday, has been silent on social media Thursday.
In a radio interview Monday, Cruz told individuals to “stay home” and not “risk it. Keep your family safe and simply keep home and hug your children.”
As an officer electoral to the government department, Cruz does not have AN on-the-ground role within the response to the storm, however natural disasters square measure typically a time during which constituents typically reach resolute their electoral officers for facilitate and access to resources.
The blame for the outages has for the most part been placed on the electrical responsibleness Council of TX (ERCOT).
Abbott aforesaid Wednesday afternoon that he spoke with each the elected official and therefore the state speaker which AN investigation of ERCOT is slated to start next week.
But within in the meantime, innumerable Texans were left while not power or running water within the wake of the storm. Power is slowly being rehabilitated to homes.

The main thing is it was a mistake and told his won statement Ted Cruz said that Mexico city Cancun, trip ‘a mistake’
Since last Thursday, sixteen Texans have died thanks to the acute weather, in keeping with a CNN tally.

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