Nutrition and Health Benefits of Raw And Ripe Banana

Apart from benefiting from stomach ailments since ancient times, raw bananas have many nutritional benefits. The use of raw bananas as a diet to control ulcers, infections, diarrhoea and even blood pressure is common. Further, raw bananas also used to create fun food.

Nutritional Value of Raw Banana

Nutritional value: Raw bananas high in energy, short-chain fatty acids and multiple vitamins and minerals. It also contains potassium, dietary fibre and a little protein. Medium-sized raw bananas provide 61 calories.

Health Benefits of Raw Banana

Assistance indigestion Raw banana helps in digestion as it has high levels of starch and dietary fibre and works very well in stomach problems. It can help prevent bacterial infections.

Blood pressure control: Raw bananas contain high levels of potassium which helps in reducing high blood pressure by lowering the pressure of blood vessels and arteries. As a conclusion, plaque build-up narrows the arteries, decreasing the chance of heart disorder and stroke.

Lose weight: Add raw bananas to your diet. The starch in it reduces the feeling of hunger and keeps the stomach full. Thus it helps to lose weight naturally by reducing the need for food.

Blood Sugar Control: Raw banana Vitamin B-6 helps in controlling blood glucose, especially type 2 diabetes. It helps in the secretion of insulin in the blood and controls the blood sugar level as it is high in fibre.

Increases metabolism: Raw bananas contain essential minerals and nutrients that convert fats into energy. And Vitamin B6 provides energy to break down enzymes. These two factors lead to metabolism.

Treatment of diarrhoea: Raw bananas contain various minerals which relieve headaches and weakness including diarrhoea and symptoms of this disease.

Tips: It is better to eat boiled to get benefits from the raw banana

Health Benefits Of Ripe Banana

Do you throw away too ripe bananas? Learn the extraordinary benefits of too ripe bananas

Do not discard bananas even if it was too ripe and soft
Our idea is that any food or fruit should not be eaten at all if it is not fresh. So before eating bananas, we throw away the bananas as soon as they appear. No one wants to eat bananas when they are a little too ripe. But do you know how many times this ripe banana has? Take a look at the benefits.

Protects cells from damage
The antioxidants in bananas protect the body’s cells. Don’t let it get damaged. As a result, the fear of many diseases is reduced.

Is easily digested
Ripe bananas are easily digested. Those who think that eating banana increases the chances of acidity are wrong. Green and raw bananas are more difficult to digest than.

Cancer prevention
As soon as you see the black spots on the collar, you realize that the insect caught it. But no, this enzyme destroys cancer cells.

Works as a natural antacid
Ripe bananas are very good for those who have been suffering from gas heartburn for a long time. Protects the stomach from any infection, acidity.

Good for the heart
Ripe bananas contain potassium and fibre. Which controls cholesterol. It also helps prevent heart disease as it contains iron and copper. The number of haemoglobin increases.

So from now on, if the banana is not ripe, eat it.

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